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Special Marriage

Marriage between boys and girls of different religions.

Court Marriage (All Religions)

An adult couple can get court marriage to get acceptance to live together as husband and wife. (all religion). but marriage registration compulsory.

Hindu Marriage & Separation

Marriage should be registered along with observing religious rites. There is no provision for divorce under Hindu law, but separation can be done under special law (court).

Legal Service & Advice

we also solve various legal issues and provide legal advice.

Muslim Marriage & Divorce

Remember marriage registry is mandatory. Divorce can be granted under Muslim law. but it is a reprehensible work.

Family Law & Child Support

Father is the legal guardian of the child, Under Muslim law. The mother is only the custodian or caretaker.

Hindu Marriage Certificate

If you ever want to travel abroad with your family, then of course there is no alternative to marriage certificate. You can get Hindu Marriage Certificate by signing the volume book of our Hindu Register.

florigen marriage

Bangladeshi individuals often want to marry someone from another country due to love, and sometimes they use marriage papers to apply for visas in developed nations.

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divorce certificate

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