christian court marriage certificate

christian court marriage certificate procedure in bangladesh

christian court marriage procedure

In Bangladesh, there aren’t many Christians, so not a lot of Christian weddings happen. There are Christian marriage registrars and marriage registration is compulsory but many Christian boys and girls do not know this. Instead, they sometimes get married under Special Marriage Act 1872. Many times it is seen that they only perform christian court marriage and do not register marriages.

Now the question may come, what is the problem of special marriage or court marriage? To know the answer to this question, you need to know about special marriage and court marriage.

Special Marriage Act 1872

Special Marriage is a act, where marriage is conducted between young people of two religions, also those who do not believe in any religion can register marriage under this act. So now you understand why you two are marrying because you don’t believe in religion. So since Bangladesh has a Christian marriage law and proper marriage register, you will be married as per the Christian Marriage Act 1872.

christian court marriage

“court marriage” isn’t recognized by law or religion. It’s basically just a term and doesn’t mean anything legally. There’s no support for it legally or religiously. What people call a “court marriage” is really just an affidavit. But if you’re an adult and you do a (affidavit) court marriage with proper registration under Bangladesh’s laws, then it’s a legal marriage. The affidavit is like extra proof, helpful if the parents try to create problems by making false claims. This document has signatures from both the boy and the girl, saying they’re getting married willingly, and it also has signatures from a notary public and a lawyer.

christian marriage Act 1872.

Under the Christian Marriage Act of 1872 in Bangladesh, specific steps must be followed for Christians to get married. These rules differ from those of other religions. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Giving Notice:

Before registering the marriage, a notice should be given to the church. The notification shall include the full names and nicknames of the bride and groom, along with their permanent and current addresses.

Objections are considered

The church will hang the notice somewhere. If there is no objection, the marriage affidavit will require that the affidavit contain a declaration of marriage. According to the law of Bangladesh, the church will give a permission for the marriage of the boy and the girl.

christian marriage registration:

A marriage must be registered through Christian marriage registrar, showing permission from the church. We do the complete process, besides we help Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu marriages. Contact: +8801515615786

Requirements for Christian Marriage Registration:

  1. Any acceptable document proving the age of both individuals (e.g., NID, birth certificate, passport, or board exam certificate).
  2. Three passport-size photographs of both individuals.
  3. Three adult Christian witnesses.

After the registration, the marriage certificate should be taken from the registrar.

Christian Marriage Certificate:

copy of christian marriage registation

Although registration is mandatory, many Christians sometimes avoid it due to the hassle.

The consequences of not registering are significant:

  1. The husband can remarry without the wife’s permission, and the wife cannot take legal action.
  2. In case of the spouse’s death, the surviving spouse cannot claim a legitimate share of the deceased’s property.
  3. A marriage certificate is essential for various purposes, including housing, hotel rent, and travel. The lack of a marriage certificate can lead to various problems.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to register marriages and obtain a marriage certificate to avoid complications and ensure legal recognition.

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