christian muslim marriage

christian muslim marriage in Bangladesh-special marriage act 1872

A Muslim boy likes and loves a Christian girl. Because of their differing religions, their love remains unfulfilled, and they cannot marry. Meanwhile, they don’t want to change their religion, they want to keep their love alive in their own religion. But they are thinking, according to the law of Bangladesh, can they get married in their own religion? Is marriage between christian muslim marriage permissible? Does Islam support Christian girls marrying Muslim boys? etc. Read also in bangle

Today, through this article, we will show how a Muslim boy can marry a Christian girl. What will it take? How to do? Where to do it? What does the law of Bangladesh say about marriage in different religions? Islamic guidance on marriage outside religion, divorce and inheritance.

Can a christian girl marry with  a Muslim boy?

Under the Special Marriage Act, a boy or girl belonging to any religion can marry a boy or girl of any religion and after marriage can practice any religion. So according to the laws of Bangladesh (Special Marriage Act 1872) Muslim boy can marry Christian girl.

Is it permissible in Islam for a muslim boy to marry a Christian girl

The answer is yes. According to Islamic Shariah, a Muslim cannot marry a polytheist/polytheist. Allah declares in Surah Baqarah verse 221 “Do not marry polytheist women until they believe.”

On the other hand, in verse 5 of Surah Al-Ma’ida, Allah Ta’ala says, “You may marry women of good character who were people of the Book before you.”

Since Jewish and Christian writers can marry Jewish and christian women. However, the verse also mentions that Jewish or christian men cannot marry muslim women.

Surah Baqarah No. 221 and Surah Maida No. 5 states that a Muslim can marry a Christian girl but a Muslim girl cannot be married to a Jew, Christian or any other religious boy.

About christian muslim marriage – Dr. Zakir Naik’s

Where to do the special marriage?

A muslim boy marrying a christian girl requires registration by a special marriage Registrar who is appointed by the Ministry of Law. In addition, an affidavit must be made through a notary public, which must be attested by an advocate.

So go where there is a special marriage registrar, a notary public and an advocate. Advocates and notaries public are usually available in court areas but not all court areas have special marriage registers.

We arrange marriages between Muslim boys and Christian girls according to Islamic Sharia and Bangladeshi laws. We have our own specialized marriage registrar, Notary Public and Advocate, Contact: 01515-615786.

Christian muslim marriage in Bangladesh

To perform this special marriage both the boy and girl have to declare through an affidavit that they do not believe in any religion in marriage and that they want to marry under the special marriage Act 1872. (But it does not mean that they are denying religion but after marriage they can practice their own religion) With this affidavit a special marriage registrar will register the marriage.

special marriage affidavit

marriage certificate is given:

Christian Girl Muslim Boy Marriage Certificate

special marriage certificate

Christian girl Muslim boy marriage registration

special marriage registration copy

Notarial Certificate

special marriage hoofnama between christian and muslim খ্রিষ্টান মেয়ে মুসলিম ছেলে বিয়ে 2
notarial certificate

What documents are needed?

  1. Photocopy of NID Card/Birth Certificate/Passport (both male and female)
  2. Three witnesses.
  3. Three copies of photographs (both boys and girls)

Christian girl Muslim boy marriage conditions

  1. Boys should be 21 and girls should be 18 or above for inter religion marriage
  2. Either party shall send a written notice of marriage to the Registrar of Marriages and perform the marriage within 14 days of the date of service of the notice.
  3. A divorce certificate must be filed with the Registrar, In case the boy or girl was previously married and divorced.

Inheritance and Divorce


 Divorce under the Special Marriage Act 1872 is a complicated matter. The court can grant a special divorce with permission, as per the Divorce Act of 1869.


According to 1925 wealth is distributed among the children.

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