marriage license in bangladesh

marriage license

When we hear about marriage license we think marriage certificate. it is not required to get married in Bangladesh, which is why it is an unfamiliar word. But in developed countries, the bride and groom are not married without it.

Hence it is not required for Bangladeshis. But if you want to get married as a Bangladeshi in a developed country then you need it and it has to be taken from Bangladesh.

But because we don’t know this, we have to get into a lot of trouble

Today’s article will discuss this issue in detail. you can also read in bangla language বিয়ের লাইসেন্স

What is marriage license?

It is a legal document that is used as a permission to marry.

Wikipedia defines the term “A marriage license is a document issued, either by a religious organization or state authority, authorizing a couple to marry.”

marriage license vs marriage certificate

Marriage certificate is the marriage document that proves that you are legally married to your partner.

A marriage license is a legal document that is used as a permission to marry.

marriage license in bangladesh

Requirements for marriage license

Two copies passport size photo of you and your partner.

Both boys and girls will need passport size photographs. By which one can identify boy and girl. The photograph should be attested by a Notary Public.

State-issued identification or passports for you and your partner.

Two people must show their government-issued ID or passport for proof of identity. The authority will issue the license after seeing this ID.

Unmarried Certificate or Divorce Certificate

The most important thing is the certificate of unmarried or divorced. A unmarried certificate is required if the person expecting license is unmarried. And if there is a divorce then the divorce certificate is required. No license can be obtained without a single certificate or divorce certificate.

Medical certificate

A medical certificate is required to prove that the person expecting a marriage license is physically and mentally capable of marriage. In addition, several diseases may be required to be tested before marriage, such as HIV testing. This subject has a specific condition for each country.

Permission letter from parents

A permission letter is required to the effect that the parents of the person expecting the license are aware of the matter and have no objection to the wedding with the said bride or groom.

it should be obtained according to the requirements of the country in which the boy or girl will marry.

Many people have the question of how to apply for or get it from abroad.

Answer: We can do it if your parents come to our office along with all the above mentioned things and documents.

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