religion change and marriage law in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, it is common for people from different religions to fall in love. However, society often disapproves of such relationships, making it difficult for the couple to continue without leaving one another. In such cases, one of them may choose to convert their religion to be together Religion. read the article in bangla

Religion Change law in Bangladesh

Since the subject of religious conversion is coming, it is necessary to know what the law says about religious conversion or religious practice.

It is stated in Article 41 of the Constitution

“Every citizen has the right to adopt, practice or propagate any religion” So an adult man or woman can decide to adopt and practice any religion, it is his legal right.

how to change religion in Bangladesh

A person who wishes to change religion must declare through an affidavit that he is changing religion. Where his name, address, parents’ names, from which religion he is changing will have a detailed description. The affidavit must include the individual’s signature, signifying his voluntary and conscious change of religion, along with the signatures of the notary public and the lawyer.

Whether changing religion for marriage or for any purpose, the rules for changing religion are same. A person who wants to change religion will go to court and make two affidavits through a lawyer.

Affidavit of conversion

Affidavit of Change of Name

And if you want to change religion and get married, then you have to make another affidavit.

Changing religion for marriage (marriage Affidavit)

Affidavit of conversion

Any adult woman or man can undertake an affidavit to change religion, identified by a lawyer and authenticated by a notary public. In which he will announce that from today he has changed his previous religion and adopted a new religion. Live according to the newly adopted religion.

hindu to muslim religion change affidavit format

Affidavit of Changing Religion

Onju Bala, date of birth 01/01/19__, daughter of ___ bala and ___ bala of Address: _________, _______, Kolkata West Bengal 70006_, India, At Present-_____, Police Station-___, Dhaka, by faith-Sanatan, Occupation-____, Nationality-Indian by birth, ID Enrollment 1_______ and Aadhaar No. 474______, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:-

  1. That I am a Indian by birth and permanent citizen of the State.
  2. I am mature, adult, and competent enough to figure out any lawful and fair decision for myself
  3. That I also declare that I am a demoiselle of 25 years old. In my previous life, I actively studied the religious books and customs of Sanatan and Islam and actively engaged with Muslims. As a result, I have developed a strong belief that Islam is the most perfect religion for human beings, and the Holy Al Quran is the ultimate religious book. That’s why I have decided to accept Islam as my Religion and I will led my rest of the life as per Islami Rules, Regulations and Customs.
  4. That based on my above decision. I have accepted Islam as my Religion through the process of uttering Kalima “La-llaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah” in front of an Alem (Islami Scholar), with full belief of the Kalima and hereby, attending before the Learned Notary Public in Dhaka 1 am executing this Affidavit as a part of lawful publication of my decision of Religion Change without changing my previous name ” Onju Bala”
  5. That I will be familiar as a Muslim from today, and nobody keeps right to put any objection or raise any claim, whatsoever same of that will be void in all over the Courts. Whereas, I have accepted Islam religion in my self willing, sound mind, well health without any other provocation, threat or intimidation, whatsoever. Nobody forced me switching to Islami Religion from Sanaton.

That the statements made herein above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and in truth whereof. I swear and sign this Affidavit before the First-Class Magistrate/Notary Public, Dhaka, Bangladesh on this the 00/00/2023.

Affidavit of Change of Name

People of every religion have some religious variations of names according to religion. So change of name has a relation with change of religion. However, the name change affidavit is not very important. You can declare the change of name in the same affidavit along with the affidavit of change of religion. Additionally, the name is often not changed due to various complications.

Marriage affidavit by changing religion

To change your religion and get married, you have to execute a marriage affidavit (Court Marriage). A lawyer will identify and a notary public will verify the affidavit, thereby declaring the marriage as Court Marriage.

Below is a sample copy of the attested marriage affidavit/ court marriage…

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